How to make money on eBay using social media!

How to make money on eBay using social media!

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We all use social media, but it is good for so much more than sharing family photos, connecting with old friends, and remembering people’s birthdays. eBay sellers can harness the power of social media to boost sales and direct traffic to their eBay store. If you have ever wondered about how to make money selling on eBay, these are some tips you cannot miss out on! 

Boost Your eBay Sales with Facebook

For sellers new or old, learning how to sell on eBay is a never-ending process. There are always new platforms and tools to try, and consumer behavior changes with new technology. However, Facebook has been a constant for digital marketers for several years, and it will continue to be a great marketing platform for many more years to come.

More than 2.32 billion users are active on Facebook every month. With 57% of consumers noting that social media impacts their shopping, Facebook is a major opportunity for anyone with something to sell. And thanks to improved security and account monitoring from Facebook, users are trusting businesses on the social media platform more.facebook user stats

Source: Newsroom

We all know Facebook is a valuable selling tool for businesses, but how can you actually use it to sell on eBay?

Don’t spam your friends and family.

When you first think of using Facebook for your eBay sales, do you imagine posting your listings on your personal page? That is probably the first thought many people have, but it’s not necessary. In fact, that should not be your approach to marketing your eBay listings through Facebook. You will only spam your personal contacts and likely lose friends in the process.

Use the Facebook widget sparingly.

There is a handy little Facebook sharing widget on your eBay listing pages. You can click the Facebook icon to quickly share your listings to your linked account. If you are using your personal account, you should do this only when you have interesting new listings or unique products. Your friends and family are on Facebook to keep up with you, not your eBay seller account.ebay social media

Locate the Facebook widget at the top right of a product listing

Join groups.

Groups are some of the most underrated tools for businesses on Facebook. 200 million people belong to meaningful Groups that are part of their user experience. This means they interact with these groups on a regular basis and get some kind of value by being a member.

There are countless Facebook Groups dedicated to buying and selling in local areas. This is a great place to share your eBay listings, especially if you sell large or bulky items. You can access locals who are looking to make a purchase but do not want to pay for shipping. Direct them to your eBay listing and arrange a pickup for the item! Just be sure to read through the group’s rules before posting your listing to ensure it is allowed.ebay sellers facebook group

A Facebook group dedicated to eBay sellers

Create a Facebook business page.

Instead of using your personal Facebook to market all of your eBay listings, you will get more mileage from a business page. For starters, you can stop spamming your personal contacts and have your posts show up in the newsfeeds of people who actually like your page. A business page also enables you to post targeted ads through Facebook and direct traffic to your listings.

Utilize Facebook ads.

Paid Facebook ads can be a mystery. Marketers spend years mastering the art of paid promotion on Facebook, but you can use this tool to boost your eBay sales. Create targeted ads on Facebook tailored to your customers and audience. Don’t blow your budget on day one though. Practice creating ads, reviewing the analytics, and making changes as necessary.

You should also monitor your cost per acquisition or CPA. This information is available in your Facebook business analytics section and shows the cost to acquire a new customer. If you are spending more money acquiring customers than you make in revenue, you should change up your strategy. 

Watch this video for a step-by-step tutorial on creating Facebook ads:

Increase Your eBay Sales with Pinterest

Pinterest is another popular social media platform you are probably already familiar with. This channel boasts 250 million users per month, and that number is growing every year. Also, Pinterest has a significant portion of users that belong to high-income families, meaning they may have more disposable income to spend on your products. Keep reading for tips on using Pinterest to improve your eBay sales.

High-quality images are key.

Pinterest is a very visual platform. When you scroll through search results or a board, there is very little text. For this reason, it is imperative that you use high-quality images on Pinterest. Failing do to so can result in your pins and products being passed over for prettier or more professional photos.ebay pinterest

Create boards for your products.

Users can organize their various pins into boards. You can easily create boards for your eBay listings by product category, season, or audience. For example, women’s accessories can make a great board, as can holiday sweaters. Your Pinterest board offers a digital catalog for your listings.

Get active.

On social media, you often have to give a little to get something in return. You cannot just set up your Pinterest account, share your products, and expect users to come rolling in. Try interacting on the platform, liking and sharing pins from other users. You can raise awareness for your own Pinterest account and direct users to your page.

Follow the trends.

If you are ever stumped on what to post or how to improve your eBay listings, take a look at the Popular section of Pinterest. This tab is home to the trending items and topics on the platform. Get inspiration from these pins and incorporate the trends in your own products and listings.product boards pinterest

Create a board dedicated to a product category, such as iPhone Cases.

Direct Traffic to eBay Listings from Instagram.

Finally, let’s talk about Instagram. The photo-based social media platform has skyrocketed in the last couple of years with more than 500 million daily active users. There are a lot of options for marketing your eBay listings through Instagram, including Stories and paid promotions. 

Set up your profile.

Your business account for Instagram should include a few key items. First, you need to use a logo or other high-quality image as your profile picture. If you choose to not use a logo, make sure the image represents your business. You should also include a link to your eBay page in your profile. This will show up on your account page, so users can directly access your eBay listings.

Switch to a business account.

Like with Facebook, using the business account feature on Instagram is often best for eBay sellers. This route allows you to run promotions and view analytics. Test out paid Instagram ads just like you would on Facebook. Use your budget wisely and make changes until you find a system that works for your listings.

Watch this video to learn how to create an Instagram business account: 

Maximize your posts.

You can add up to ten photos on a single Instagram post. This allows you to show of your featured products from every angle, right on the platform. You can also create collections of items to advertise multiple listings at once.ebay marketing instagram

Instagram post from Rad & Happy shows all of the details of a product.

Videos are an awesome way to introduce your brand, highlight product features, and share important information. If you want to run a promotion, consider using Stories. These posts are only viewable for 24 hours, so they are perfect for limited-time offers.

Mix up your content.

You should not be selling with every single post. This will only turn users away from your page. Instead, create a balance of selling-focused posts and branded posts. Consider sharing quotes or inspiration that are relevant to your audience. Highlight customer feedback or content from other users that you found interesting. This can get audiences engaging with your brand on a consistent basis, so they stick around when you are selling them something.

Optimize your captions.

If you are sharing a product on an Instagram post, the caption must have relevant information. People are not going to leave Instagram to go search for how much your item costs. Instead, post product details, price, and information on where it can be purchased in the post. Give people everything they need to make a decision, and direct them to your bio that includes your eBay link.sell products on instagram

Draper James shares sizing info and style details in their caption and links to product page.

Start Selling on eBay with Social Media!

One of the best things about social media is its simplicity. Most social media platforms are free to join and offer an easy process to create an account. For sellers looking to boost traffic to their eBay listings, social media is a great place to start today. You can have your accounts up and running in no time! Just use some trial and error to determine which strategies work for your listings. Before you know it, you will have cultivated a strong online presence through social media alone.

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