How to Promote eBay Listings in 10 Easy Steps

How to Promote eBay Listings in 10 Easy Steps

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You set up your eBay store and now you need traffic. Whether you are an experienced seller or brand new to the platform, there are several ways you can promote your eBay items and increase your sales. Keep reading to learn about both paid and free practices that help your listings stand out from the competition. In no time, you will learn how to promote eBay listings and become a successful eBay seller. Here are 10 easy steps for eBay item promotion.

Step 1: Optimize Your eBay Listings

If you are wondering how to promote eBay listings, your first step is to optimize your listings. Optimizing your eBay listings involves incorporating SEO practices into your titles and descriptions. Search engine optimization can help you improve your rankings with eBay’s search engine, Cassini.

When customers search on eBay, they are unlikely to flip through pages of results. If your eBay listings do not show up among the top products in the search results, you won’t get much traffic. You need to utilize keywords for eBay item promotion and bump your listings to the top of eBay search results.

How to Promote eBay Listings Using eBay’s Keyword Research Tool

eBay offers a keyword research tool called Terapeak, which can help you optimize your listings. Promote your eBay items by researching keywords and learning which words and phrases that eBay buyers are searching. You can use Terapeak to see how many active eBay listings are available for each keyword as well as the average price of the listings. Compile a list of keywords that are relevant to your eBay listings.

Source: Terapeak

It is also a good idea to search eBay products that are similar to what you sell. You can analyze the listings that show up at the top of the search rankings. Write down any keywords that frequently appear in the top results and add them to your list. Narrow down your keyword list and select the most popular and relevant keywords for your listings. You should use these keywords in your listing titles and descriptions as well as catalog specifics and listing specifics.

Step 2: Utilize eBay Item Promotion with Promoted Listings

If you are a top-rated seller or eBay Stores subscriber, you can access eBay’s Promoted Listings. You can pay to have your listings placed at the top of the search rankings with the Promoted Listings program. Paid eBay item promotion will let more consumers see your listings and attract more attention.

Which Items Should You Promote?

Paid advertising for your eBay listings can quickly get expensive. Instead of throwing money away and trying to promote all of your listings at once, you should focus your attention on items that will get the most payoff. If you have best-selling or newer items, they may perform better with paid advertising. Also, if you have a seasonal product, promote your listings when they are in demand.

Step 3: Incorporate Photos into Your Listings

Only high-quality images get shoppers’ attention. Your images should accurately represent your products in the best way. Good photos can help your listings stand out from the competition. Make sure that your photos are full of color and in high resolution. This will make your listings look more professional and help build trust among shoppers to promote your eBay items.

Tips to Improve your eBay Photos

  •     Photos should be at least 500 x 1600 pixels to meet eBay’s requirements. Optimizing your photo sizing will help your images display correctly within search engine results.
  •     Provide multiple photos for each listing. You should show your products from every angle to provide customers with an accurate representation of your products.
  •     Make sure your images are not cluttered. It is best to let your products be the focus of your photos. Remove unnecessary items from the background of your photos and do not add text or borders to your images.
  •     Taking your photos outside can provide optimal lighting even if you do not have professional lighting equipment.

Step 4: Be Honest

It is important to be accurate and honest in all of your listings, including images and descriptions. It will keep you out of trouble with eBay and build trust with your customers. Shoppers can quickly sense if you are not being genuine with your descriptions or listings. It is important to place your items in relevant categories and use accurate keywords to describe your products. When buyers find your listings in search results, it should reflect what they were searching for. If that is not the case, they won’t click on your listing or make a purchase.

Build Your Reputation on eBay to Promote Your eBay Items

Building trust with your customers can promote repeat business to your eBay store. If they have a positive experience with your store and products, they can recommend you to their friends and family. Failing to be honest and accurate in your eBay listings can lead to eBay removing your listings from the site or limiting your account.

Step 5: A High Seller Rating Can Promote Your eBay Items

When your listings appear in search results on eBay, customers will check your seller rating. If you have a poor rating, they will likely go to one of your competitors instead. Customer service and quality products will help you maintain a higher seller rating and increase sales for your eBay listings. 

How to Provide Quality Customer Service

  •     Quick replies to messages will help your listings get more views and build trust with shoppers.
  •     Follow eBay’s seller standards to provide the best customer experience.
  •     Meet or exceed eBay’s Top Rated seller benchmarks with low defect rates, late shipment rates, and closed cases without seller resolution.

Step 6: Increase Your eBay Selling Limits

eBay places limitations on new sellers in a way to provide a secure marketplace with trusted sellers. You will be limited to about 10 items and $500 within your first 90 days of selling. These limitations also extend to the listing and editing tools available to you. It will be difficult to fully optimize your listings until you can access all of these features.

How to Increase Selling Limits on eBay

  •     Successfully complete 90 days as a seller with at least 10 positive ratings
  •     Request a higher selling allowance when you are close to reaching your monthly limits
  •     Link an establish selling account to your new account
  •     Follow eBay’s standards and avoid any terms of service violations during your initial selling period

Step 7: Set the Right Price

Your listings have to be priced high enough for you to make money, but competitive pricing can help you promote your eBay items. Understand the full cost of your products and conduct research on your competitor’s pricing. Price your items at a level that is competitive without being perceived as cheap. You can offer lower prices than your competition, but if your prices are too low, shoppers will not trust that your products are high-quality.

Source: Marketing Insider

What is the Left-Digit Effect?

You can use psychology to encourage shoppers to buy your items. Studies have found that the far-left digit of a price has the greatest impact on buying decisions. If your item is priced at $3.00, you can lower it to $2.99 and receive better results. The price is virtually the same, but consumers are drawn to the lower number on the left-most digit of the price.

Step 8: Advertise on Social Media

Source: Facebook Business

If you are wondering how to promote your eBay listings for free, social media is your answer. You should share your products and listings on your social media channels to draw visitors to your eBay store. You can share photos of your products and encourage your connections to pass your eBay listings on to their own friends. If you have a successful eBay store, consider setting up social media accounts exclusively for your business.

Purchase Paid Ads on Social Media

Facebook ads are a great way to promote your eBay items without a large budget. You can purchase paid Facebook ads and control your spending on a daily basis. When creating a Facebook ad, you are able to select your target audience and more effectively use your advertising budget. There are many online resources to help you optimize your Facebook ads.

Source: Facebook Business

Step 9: Provide Free Shipping

Free shipping makes a big difference when it comes to online shopping. In fact, 9 out of 10 online consumers listed free shipping as their top incentive to make online purchases. On eBay, shoppers are able to filter search results based on free shipping. If you fail to offer this service, your listings will not even make it in front of consumers.

Important Stats on Free Shipping from Invesp

  •     93% of online shoppers will purchase more products if there is free shipping
  •     30% of consumers will delay a purchase to wait for free shipping
  •     61% of shoppers reported that they are likely to cancel a purchase if they cannot get free shipping

Step 10: Do Your Research

In order to maintain ongoing success and promote your eBay items, it is important to stay up to date with the platform and selling trends. You should have a full understanding of the terms of service and selling guidelines eBay has in place. This will keep you from violating any rules and losing your listings or account altogether. You should also remain informed about changes to the eBay selling platform and any new developments on the site.

Stay Updated with eBay Trends

Promote Your eBay Items Like a Pro

Even the newest eBay sellers can successfully learn how to promote eBay listings by following these steps. You may have noticed that a lot of these tips include customer research and understanding your audience. It is important for eBay sellers to realize that they are not just selling products – you are providing an overall experience for shoppers. Take the time to optimize your listings and provide top-notch customer service for the best results when it comes to your eBay store. 


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