What are the best selling items on eBay in 2019?

What are the best selling items on eBay in 2019?

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Last week, I discussed what are the best converting eBay categories in 2019 and so this week I thought it was only befitting to disclose what the best selling items are in 2019. I am not one for cliffhangers and I am sure you aren’t either. The reason why it is so crucial to not only hone in a product category but also on a product niche has to do with the fact that item categories are vast and your time and resources are limited. So instead of endless trial and error with items that are just not converting the way you expected them to, finish the last quarter of 2019 with a bang! 

So without further ado, let me introduce you to some of the hottest merchandise on eBay in 2019! I want you to choose one item from this list and sell it from September to December – take notice of its performance in comparison to your other merchandise and let me know in the comments below how sales are progressing. If we do things right – this post will become an active seller resource we can all learn and profit from. 

Top Selling items on eBay 

Home décor

  • #1 item: Tool Kit As everyone knows, the biggest craze over the past few years is DIY or Do It Yourself. Retile your bathroom, hang shelves, make planters out of old containers – the list is endless. But in order to accomplish this, one needs a tool kit. Demand for tool kits is really on the rise so start carrying some of the tool kits necessary for the most popular DIY projects. Consider following the top DIY Youtube channels in order to get no idea of what consumers may be looking for.
  • #2 item: lighting – Indoor or outdoors, nothing says home more than warm lighting. Whether you are selling LED strip lighting, lamps or lanterns, anyone to adding a little something extra to their home decor is sure to want a little modern, Mediterranean or deco light feature. These awesome lanterns had quite the buzz beginning in 2016 and are still a top ticket item according to eBay trends
  • #3 item: porcelain wear [vases] – Nothing says home more than a vase full of flowers. Many companies come out with special spring editions as was the case with MacKenzie-Childs – they consistently create eBay buying frenzies with their annual spring collections and barn sales.

Garden & Beach

  • #1 item: Garden Furniture – Whenever the weather starts becoming favorable, tulips start blooming and the outdoors are pleasurable rather than a nuisance, people seek to turn their gardens into an oasis. So say the 55,000+ people looking for outdoor lounges in 2016 and according to eBay trends demand has held its own.
  • #2 item: JBL Flip Speaker – Who doesn’t love music? And who doesn’t love music at the beach? Most people love this combination making JBL’s (or any other brand) portable speaker which connects to smartphones via Bluetooth an ideal sell.  5,500 people kicked off the trend last June and portable speakers are still on fire from a retail perspective!
  • #3 item: The Beach Glass – You heard me, right folks! You can now buy and sell a wine glass that both floats in water and can be pegged into the sand. Not convinced? At least 4,000 people have shown interest in this item over a 6 week period. People love their booze at the beach and really any accessory which makes beach boozing more accessible has huge retail potential.


  • #1 item: Fitness Wearables – This has become an immense trend, especially with watches. There is no doubt that Apple Watch is leading the trend globally yet eBay trends tells a different story. The top most popular sports watch brands on eBay are:
  1. Fitbit 
  2.  Samsung

When the Fitbit Versa was released in April 2018 it got almost 10,000 individual search queries on eBay and demand for this trendy sports watch is showing no signs of slowing down. 

  • # 2 item: Sneakers – So simple, yet so essential to fitness. Sneaker are no longer only functional yet have become a fashion statement as well as a status symbol. Many companies are partnering with famous basketball players and musicians to create audience tailored sportswear. One great example is when Adidas with music artist Kanye west to create Yeezy Boost which sold for a staggering $180- $285 a pop and garnered upwards of 30,000 individual eBay searches back in  2017. But people are always looking to buy sneakers and the more sports you do the quicker they wear out. Millenial consumers can’t seem to get enough of the stuff. 
  • # 3 item: Workout Machines [Treadmill] – Most people want to get in shape but with stress from work, friends, family and all the responsibilities which are part and parcel of being an adult in 2019 – when the heck are we supposed to work out? Consumers more and more are turning to home owned workout machines with treadmills leading this trend. How much easier does it get than waking up to a run or getting a quick walk in front of the tv. Statistics show that home equipment is one of the least effective modes of getting into shape – but you are not here to change public perception but rather to make money – right?! 

        Note to self: treadmills get insane hype in wintertime (as you can see in the 6 weeks leading up to January there were 60,000 search                  queries). Why?

  1.  It is super cold and no one wants to go outside to exercise.
  2. People start working on their beach bodies in winter (doesn’t happen overnight you know :).

Consumer Electronics

When investing or doing business, all experts say that past performance is not a guarantee for future results. But the past can and factually does affect the future which is why I will be showing you the top-selling items on eBay in the last quarter of 2018 and see which are still relevant for 2019.

As far as consumer electronics go, smartphone and especially iphone ‘accessories’ are the way to go! Consumers (including myself) are very attached to their mobiles and invest hundreds of dollars in them – they use them as:

  • A camera
  • GPS
  • Phone
  • Pocket computer.

This is stating the obvious to anyone living in the 21st century and yet the obvious presents the biggest opportunity and the highest demand. First and foremostly people want to protect their screens and as such the #1 item you should consider selling in the consumer electronics category is a ‘Tempered Glass Film’ iPhone screen protector. 

  • #2 item: Smartphone chargers – Yes, this too is a very basic item yet that is exactly what makes it so popular. People first buy what they need and only then what they want. Many people buy additional charging ports for their cars or for traveling. Otherwise, some people have lost their cable or potentially it is not working so well after a few months or years of use. In any case, you really can’t go wrong with this absolute basic phone ‘accessory’. 
  • # 3 item: Smartphone cases – As long as smartphones exist, are expensive and essential to people’s daily routines, people will want to protect not only the screen but also the body of the phone. Enter the smartphone case – according to eBay trends, the Samsung Galaxy S10 peaked in terms of it trending in February 2019 due to the release of the new S10 and S10 Plus which can teach you two things:
  1. Always track the release of new devices and stock up on accessories for those items.
  2. Selling smartphone cases of any brand or model (though iPhones are particularly popular) always makes for good business.

Women’s Clothing

  • #1 item: Leggings – Leggings have become an essential part of any woman’s wardrobe due to its chic and versatility. It can be worn as a standalone item or under a dress, at the beach or at home. LuLaRoe is a very popular brand which you can consider carrying or alternatively you can carry cheaper look-alikes. Keep an eye out for holidays and special releases like LuLaRoe’s valentine pattern release which got close to 5,000 individual eBay searches in one day. 
  • #2 item: Sunglasses – As long as the sun shines, people will need sunglasses! The only problem with this item is that trends move fast so you really do need to update your merchandise seasonally. According to eBay Trends as of March 2019 :
    • Mini cat eyes
    • Grandpa Frames
    • Mirrored lenses
    • ‘80s style sport frames 

    Are the most popular with upwards of 50,000 searches over a 6 week period.

  • # 3 item: Jeans –

      Early 20th-century actress, Betty Grable sports blue jeans on the set of a classic American Western.

              Image credit: Racked

Some things never go out of style and can be incorporated both in chic, high fashion looks as well as casual boho attire. Ever since jeans were invented back in 1871 by Levi Strauss they have been a hot fashion item and will continue to be for the foreseeable future – they are durable, trendy and give the bottom half of the body a sculpted shape. According to eBay trends, Levi’s jeans become very popular around music festivals so keep your eyes peeled for big-ticket events and stock up on that denim!

 Summing it up 

Yes, I gave you 15 excellent product ideas but beyond ‘telling’ you what to sell I want to help train your mind how to think. If you want to help someone teach them how to fish instead of simply giving them a fish. I grew up with this sentiment – finding the right item to sell on eBay is about being on top of trends, following trendsetter and bloggers, using your intuition and above all letting the data speak for itself through eBay Trends. And now the ball is in your court. As I mentioned at the beginning, choose one item from this list and comment below on how it is performing so we can all grow and profit together. 

Thanks for reading 🙂

Nadav Roiter

Nadav Roiter is a published writer and a Jerusalem Post freelance journalist. Formerly part of the CrazyLister content team, he is now the Marketing Manager for Subivi eCommerce CRM which has developed a customer support tool uniquely built to help eCommerce sellers offer stellar customer support while simultaneously maximizing profits.


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