eCommerce News: Amazon’s two new fulfillment centers to be opened in Ohio

eCommerce News: Amazon’s two new fulfillment centers to be opened in Ohio

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Amazon revealed recently its aspiration to open two new fulfillment centers in Ohio. This pair of robotic warehouses is said to cover a surface area of over 700,000 square feet, where humans and the robots will be working side by side, optimizing the supply chain and upgrading the customer experience.

Amazon announced that the first facility will be built in Akron city, while the second one will be in Rossford. These two fulfillment centers will contribute to a stronger business relationship with the state of Ohio.

Amazon’s new fulfillment centers: How will the state of Ohio benefit?Amazon's new fulfillment centers

The new investment the company’s launching in Ohio is expected to bring multiple benefits to the northern part of the state. Besides aiming to create new job opportunities for over 2,500 Ohioans as direct hires, Amazon’s new centers in the state will have a bigger impact than just direct employment for locals. The company will also create an estimated additional 19,000 indirect jobs outside the fulfillment centers’ walls, according to the U.S Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Amazon’s warehouse employees working conditions

Other than the company’s minimum wage of $15, Amazon provides its full-time employees a wide range of benefits that include full medical, dental, and vision insurance, together with a 401(k) with 50 percent match from the first day.

On top of that, Amazon guarantees its workers up to 20 weeks of paid maternal or parental leave, as well as increased flexibility to the family through Ramp Back and Leave Share.

Moreover, the company foresees an investment of over $700 million dedicated to training programs for 100,000 employees across the United States. This will allow workers at Amazon to develop their skills and rise in the corporate ranks.

Robots and humans work alongside each other in Amazon’s new warehouses

The two fulfillment centers located in the northern area of Ohio state are expected to serve the same purpose as the company’s other shipping centers and be similar in design and scale to Amazon FBA centers. Amazon aims at creating a collaborative work environment between humans and robots, offering a glimpse of the future within the confines of its warehouses.

Amazon has become a leader in automation through its army of robots which raised serious concerns about the future of the American labour market. However, the company has reassured its detractor time and time again that within its fulfillment centers, robots work alongside humans, not instead of them.

You can have a look at the Amazon robots in action and hear first-hand from Amazon’s chief roboticist about the the robot building process as well as how this will affect the future of jobs performed by humans in his opinion:

The two shipping centers will contribute to the company attaining its goal of providing one-day shipping services throughout the U.S. Although there has been a certain amount of concern regarding the pressure such a strategy will put on the company’s employees, Amazon has been adamant that the robots will largely participate in the achievement of Amazon’s objective and have only minor effects on its human workforce.

Amazon’s vision is built on four components: 

  1. Customer satisfaction rather than an aim to surpass the competitors.
  2. A determination to reach operational excellence.
  3. A strong focus on innovation.
  4. An unyielding long-term outlook.

Some might be skeptical about Amazon being indifferent to surpassing its competition but no one can take away their operational excellence and a strong focus on innovation. Apparently, the future of eCommerce fulfillment lies in two warehouses in Ohio, I’m just hoping they don’t come up with journalism robots next.  



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