How to Change Your eBay Name

How to Change Your eBay Name

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Since eBay has been around for approximately two decades now, many users are finding that the screen name they chose in these early days of the internet no longer reflects them as a person. Worst still, many now sellers are stuck with the goofy and potentially embarrassing screen names selected in their adolescence or young adulthood, not anticipating that they would someday go on to use the platform for business dealings.

Whether you are dealing with a potentially embarrassing or unprofessional screen name or simply wish to rebrand your eCommerce business, there are options for you to start anew without affecting your profile or account settings. In this article, we will explore the steps necessary for sellers to change their eBay username.

How to Change your eBay ID

To change your eBay account name, the first thing you will need to do is access the “My eBay” portal. After signing in with your user ID and password, you will be presented with a number of options. To proceed, you will want to click the “Account” tab on the screen as shown in the image below:How to Change your eBay ID

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At this point, you will need to select the “Personal Information” option from the column on the right-hand side of the screen. Once you have accessed the page shown in the display above, simply select the edit option to the right of your User ID and input a new name as desired. It should be noted that this action can only be undertaken once every thirty days, so be sure to choose your new screen name wisely as you will need to live with it for at least a month.

What User ID’s Are Acceptable?

According to eBay’s policies, you will need to follow a few conditions in creating your user ID. This is to protect your privacy and identity on the platform as well as ensuring that eBay users all have unique usernames to prevent confusion and hold users accountable for their actions.

The only characters acceptable for use in your eBay user ID or letters, numbers, asterisks, periods, dashes or underscores. The user ID must be a minimum of six characters and may not contain email address elements, consecutive underscores, obscenities or references to a trademark or brand not owned by the user. Additionally, user may not make any reference to the eBay name nor can they include a letter e in front of the username in the style of the eBay logo. Finally, the username cannot include a hyphen, underscore or period at the beginning or the end of the username.

Additional Tips

Fortunately for sellers, eBay allows you to make these changes to your User ID with virtually no consequences. Sellers will maintain their member status, profile information and feedback score. The only real change that users ought to keep in mind when making this change is the fact that customers may have trouble finding them after the name change, so you may want to contact loyal customers to ensure they are aware of the rebranding.

Furthermore, upon changing your eBay user ID, you will see a “changed ID” message next to your screen name. This is normal and will disappear after thirty days.

Changing your user ID is a great opportunity to strengthen the security of your eBay settings. The two simplest ways to protect your eBay business are to turn on two-factor authentication and to regularly change your password. For more information on how to change your password, consider checking out Carolyn K.’s article “How to Change Your eBay Password” on the Subivi Times.

In Conclusion

All in all, the eBay username change process is a quick and easy way to reenergize your business and give it a name that attracts new customers. When it comes to user ID changes and all other things related to eBay, the Subivi Times is here to guide you every step of the way.

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