How To Change Your eBay Password

How To Change Your eBay Password

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Changing your password can sound like a hassle, but it’s an essential step for protecting your security. And while we’d like to think large e-commerce corporations keep our information safe, data breaches have become more and more common in the past few years. Changing your password often is the best and simplest way to keep your information where it should be—under your control. If you’re looking to change your eBay password on the app or on a desktop computer, there are some easy steps you can take. How To Change Your eBay Password

Updating Your eBay Account Password

Whether you need to make a change to protect your security or simply can’t remember your password, changing your eBay password is easy. Here’s what you have to do:

  • Go to and sign in to your account, if you have access to your current password. 
  • Click on the My eBay link on the upper right-hand corner of the homepage, and hover over the Account tab. 
  • Select Personal Information from the drop-down menu. Once taken to that page, go to the Account Information section close to the top. personal information ebay
  • Find the Password option and click on Edit
  • Select Reset Your Password and update your password. 

In order to ensure that it’s really you updating the password and not a hacker or bot, eBay will always ask you to confirm your identity via email or text before proceeding, so be prepared. 

Changing Your eBay Password on the App 

Things that can seem simple on a computer are often more complicated when using an app. It’s easy to say “I’m going to change my eBay password,” but without access to a computer, that goal might seem harder to complete.

Luckily, the eBay app is simple to use, providing many of the same tools as the website on a desktop browser would. Just log in the same way you would on a computer, click on the My eBay link, and follow the same steps. You’ll have a secure new password in no time! 

If you change your eBay account password on your computer, the app will ask you to log in with that new password as well. Be prepared by using a password manager tool, but don’t write your password down where anyone else can see it. 

Creating A Strong Password 

As more and more personal information is shared online to businesses susceptible to data breaches, strong and unique passwords become more and more important. While it’s tempting to use an easy-to-remember password like your birthday or the name of a family member, those types of passwords are the easiest for hackers to guess. 


  • Use nonsense words, not words you’d find in a dictionary. 
  • Make sure to use more than ten characters, making the password harder to crack
  • Add in numbers and symbols to increase the password’s complexity, minimizing the chances of getting hacked. 

Changing your password often is the best thing you can do to preserve your information online and is an essential basic step when learning how to sell on eBay. By updating your eBay account password, you’re taking the right step towards protecting yourself and your data online. 

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