How to Increase Sales on eBay in 2020

How to Increase Sales on eBay in 2020

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2019 is behind us and we are in the midst of a new year. As an eCommerce business owner, the only thing you are concerned with is how to increase your sales this year and rightfully so! In this post I will give you 5 tips on how to drive conversions and reach your business goals for 2020. 

#1 Positive Feedback 

Being able to maintain positive eBay feedback as well as excellent seller ratings is crucial to your success as an eCommerce business. Buyers don’t want to take any chances, they want to be 100% sure that they are making a purchase from a reliable business. But positive feedback doesn’t just ‘happen’. You need to work for it and hard! From:

  • The second a customer inquires about a product – you need to make yourself available to answer their questions as quickly as possible. 
  • When the item is shipped out you need to update them. 
  • When it arrives, you need to ensure that they actually received it, that the item is in good shape, that they know how to use it and that they are satisfied. 
  • Only once you have made sure that your customer has had an all-out 5-star shopping experience can you expect to ask for a positive review and actually receive one. 

Pro tip – Consider using an eBay CRM which can help you automate all the messages and follow up which are part and parcel of the retail cycle. This will take a lot of pressure off your shoulders and ensure nothing ever falls between the cracks. 

#2 Marketing Via Email 

Many sellers don’t know this but eBay allows you to market your products and store to your previous customers. Encourage your buyers to ‘subscribe’ to your updates by adding you to their ‘saved sellers’ – you can do this by offering them an incentive such as a discount on their next purchase. There is also a link on your eBay store’s homepage through which they can choose to receive updates and special offers from you. Why not consider sending out a weekly or monthly newsletter. If you really want to invest time you can even create a blog around your product niche. But to tell you the truth, email marketing is your best bet. As a marketing professional myself, I can tell you that email marketing is 40 times more effective than social media marketing for example (source: McKinsey & Company).email marketing ebay

Source: Digital Agency Network 

#3 Become an Influencer 

Following up on my previous point in terms of running a blog, it doesn’t end there. You want to become an expert and an influencer in your field in 2020! People usually go online with a ‘problem’ or ‘pain’, as marketers like to call it. It could be something as small as ‘I want to improve my oral hygiene’ or as broad as ‘I want to raise my children correctly’. Whether you are selling electric toothbrushes or developmental children’s toys, you want to be there when that high intent client starts their research. They may post in a Facebook group and ask ‘What is the best toothbrush on the market?’ or ‘which toys do you recommend to help my child develop his motor skills?’ Alternatively, they may be just looking for general information such as ‘my gums are swollen, what should I do?’ or ‘my child isn’t learning as quickly as the other children in his class’. Once you start answering people’s questions either on social media or even Quora,  they will start viewing you as an ‘expert’ in your field and when they are ready to make a purchase, you will be in their consciousness.influencer marketing ebay

Source: Business Insider

Yes, the above infographic refers to ‘third-party influencers’ but you yourself can become an industry or niche influencer. The statistics above are just supposed to inspire you to start acting – after all brands would not be spending $15 billion on influencer marketing if it wasn’t working for them. 

# 4 Everyone Loves a Bargain 

Ah, the joys of finding a bargain. Is there ever a better feeling than knowing you got an item at absolute rock bottom? That is how many of your customers feel. They may prefer to go shopping at the mall but they know that they can window shop in a store but that the real bargains are online where retailers have relatively low overhead. As the saying goes ‘give the people what they want!’. In 2020 try to always be running some sort of special promotion, discount, holiday sale or competition. You want to create buzz around your items and a feeling of urgency so that consumers believe they need to buy now rather than later in order to enjoy the absolute best prices. Here are some ideas of promotions you can create using eBay Promotions Manager:

  • Discounts based on order size ie if you buy one item, you get the second one at a 15% discount.
  • Sale events on a markdown basis ie you can now save 20% on all handbags. 
  • Discounted shipping ie you will get free shipping with any order which exceeds $100.
  • Codeless coupons ie get 30% off of the next item you purchase from my store. ebay promotion manager

Image source: eBay Community

#5 Keyword Research 

The importance of keywords in the ‘age of searchability’ cannot be overstated! This is very familiar to you as a 21st-century native. When you search for anything on Google, for example, companies are trying to target you as a reader and a consumer based on popular keywords that you are most likely to use when researching a specific topic or product. The same principle is true when it comes to eBay – customers use very specific search terms to look for ‘a black iPhone’, ‘red work pants’ and ‘beach towels’. It is crucial to reverse engineer a shopper’s thought process and mine that thought process for the proper wording. Additionally, I recently came across a free tool called Fire Title which helps you research the best keywords to use in an eBay listing. It is completely free and I am not at all affiliated with them though I recently interviewed one of the founders on my YouTube channel, feel free to check out the interview here:

#6 eBay Branding 

Branding is a crucial element of any store. When you tell a clear story which is tailored to your target audience, your chances of resonating and increasing conversion rates rises exponentially!ebay visual branding

Image source: G2

That is right! We are visual creatures and having a visual impact on potential buyers is extremely important! Here are some things you can do in order to improve your visual narrative:

  • Create a logo – If you don’t already have one, then I strongly encourage you to design one online for free. Today I had the pleasure of speaking with someone from a company called Tailor Brands  which allows you to build a free custom logo suited to both your brand’s identity and core values. ebay business logoBrand identity begins with a powerful logo and this is something which should not be overlooked in the scheme of things. Here is a quick tutorial on how to use this tool to your business’s advantage:
  •  Share stellar product images – Many sellers choose to share average images of their products at best. In the realm of eCommerce when a potential buyer cannot physically see or feel an item, it is important to engage them with product images which are exciting, detailed and occasionally images which serve as visual social proof ie look how your peers are using this item. ebay branding                                                                                      Image source: graftonphotography 

I mean wouldn’t you be more inclined to buy your kid this skateboard with an image like this? Hold that thought for a second and compare this image with a skateboard listing I found on eBay:ebay images

  • Promotional images – Consider making use of the billboard image which appears on your store’s homepage. You can periodically change this image with a fun promotional image. This is a great way to create a hybrid between offering discounts and using the power of images.ebay billboard image

    Summing it up

    If you got this far, chances are you have big plans for your business this year. Consider choosing one of the above recommendations and implementing it slowly. Once you feel like you have the first element implemented across the board, try focusing on the next matter at hand. In this way you can slowly and calmly effect meaningful change in your business over the course of the coming year.

    Please comment below and let me know how these changes have had an effect on your business.

Nadav Roiter

Nadav Roiter is a published writer and a Jerusalem Post freelance journalist. Formerly part of the CrazyLister content team, he is now the Marketing Manager for Subivi eCommerce CRM which has developed a customer support tool uniquely built to help eCommerce sellers offer stellar customer support while simultaneously maximizing profits.

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