How to Sell Clothes on eBay

How to Sell Clothes on eBay

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The eBay clothing market may not be quite what it used to be in its heyday, but do not let the naysayers fool you. A knowledgeable seller can still make a substantial profit selling the right pieces of clothing on eBay. In this article, we will go over the ins and outs of selling clothing to better understand how to maximize profits on eBay.

Take Professional Pictures

When it comes to clothing, there is no substitute for trying an item on in-store. As an eBay seller, it is important to give your customers the closest experience possible to actually wearing the item so that they can make an informed decision. Posting professional pictures with a mannequin or model can go a long way in making your listing stand out. 

If you are unable to model clothes personally, a mannequin is a great investment for sellers that are serious about a clothing business on eBay. There are mannequin options available to a wide variety of budgets and needs, from half size mannequins starting at around $20 to full-size professional mannequins.

Finally, the quality of the photo itself is key to making your listing look attractive and professional. Using a good quality camera and taking shots from every possible angle allows your customer to envision how the item will look on them. Finally, it is important to stage the photo well by paying attention to things like lighting and any items in the background.

Always Provide Product Details

Providing any and all relevant product details is another great way to foster trust in the buyer-seller relationship and strengthen your clothing listings. Perhaps the most important detail you can give is to provide a comprehensive list of measurements. 

If a buyer stumbles across a listing of interest that lacks measurements, it is much easier for them to simply find an equivalent item than to reach out to the seller and ask. All clothing brands run on different measurements, so these details are essential to providing a positive customer experience.

Similarly, it is a good idea to include fabric content in the description of a clothing item. While this may seem like an insignificant detail, it can go a long way with customers that have clothing allergies and skin sensitivities. Likewise, including washing instructions can help customers decide if they are willing to commit to caring for the piece of clothing. 

Use the Search Engine to Your Advantage

It is important to know all the ways that the eBay search engine algorithm Cassini can be used to your advantage in order to maximize the visibility of your product. Including details like brand names and colors can help interested buyers find your listing and increase sales. The image below is a great example of a listing that manipulates the search engine by including details in the title of the listing. selling clothes on ebay

Create a Strong Return Policy

Purchasing clothing on the internet, even from the most reputable of sellers, necessarily involves taking a chance on the sizing and quality of the item. No matter how good your intentions might be, there is always a chance that the clothing item simply will not be what the buyer expected. For this reason, it is a great idea to offer refunds on clothing sales as a gesture of good faith toward customers.

Additionally, the eBay search engine gives preference to sellers that use a return policy of thirty days or longer on sales. Having a well written return policy can maximize the value of your listings for clothing and other categories. One of the best ways to protect yourself from unscrupulous buyers attempting fraudulent eBay refunds is to clearly state that buyers must return the item in its original condition to be eligible for a refund.

Another way to protect yourself when offering refunds is to avoid selling items with a high return rate. In the clothing category, these items are most frequently pieces of clothing used for special events, like formal wear.

In Conclusion

All in all, selling clothing on eBay can be a very rewarding business for detail-oriented sellers. By following these simple guidelines, your eBay clothing store will be up and thriving in no time.


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