How to Sell on eBay Without Paypal!

How to Sell on eBay Without Paypal!

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The fact that eBay allows sellers on its platform a high degree of freedom in managing their online stores is one of the many factors that has allowed them to dominate the eCommerce space for years. And while this freedom is a significant benefit of selling on eBay, it can be confusing for new sellers to navigate the options available to them. 

One of these options is the payment method chosen by the seller. While the default payment method for eBay is PayPal, sellers are not required to use it if they prefer a different route. In this article, we will explore options for sellers that want to sell on eBay without using PayPal.

Accepting Cards Directly

Perhaps the most straightforward option for eBay sellers looking to avoid PayPal is to simply accept credit card payments directly to your bank account. These payments are securely processed in the eBay checkout, at which point you should receive an email notification that the transaction has been completed. To do this, you will need to have or create an internet merchant account, which is essentially a bank account for an online business. 

While not all banks offer these services, many do at little cost to sellers. One upside to accepting eBay payments through an internet merchant account is that eBay does not charge a fee on these transactions. Sellers will only need to account for any relevant credit or debit card processing fees mandated by their bank.

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Wire Transfers & Money Orders

Wire transfer and money orders are available on certain eBay selling categories, though they are somewhat limited and come with risks. If you choose to use these payment methods, you should ensure that they are clearly listed in the initial item listing or your eBay seller protections may be voided. 

These methods are slightly less secure than using an encrypted server like PayPal or another third-party platform and buyers and sellers alike should exercise caution when using them. That being said, they can be a solid option for buyers and sellers with trust established who are completing a transaction in qualifying categories, including real estate, adult only, capital equipment and certain motors categories. 

Payment on Pickup

Perhaps the most variable payment method available on eBay is to accept payment in person upon pickup. Logistically speaking, payment on pickup will not be a universal option as it is limited to customers within a reasonable distance to arrange a physical meeting. There are certainly benefits to utilizing in-person payments insofar as they are not subject to transaction fees and cannot be hacked by bad actors on the internet.

These benefits come at the expense of personal safety and anonymity as a seller. There are good practices that mitigate any safety concerns, like always arranging meetups in public places and having a friend or family member present at the time of pickup. For sellers willing to implement these safety practices, payment on pickup can be a great way to handle eBay transactions.

Alternative Platforms

The final option for sellers looking to avoid using PayPal for their eBay stores is to find an alternative third-party payment platform. While PayPal is certainly the most popular payment platforms on eBay and across the web, there are excellent alternatives available to those who have had negative experiences with PayPal. It should be noted that eBay still collects fees on transactions conducted through third-party payment platforms- PayPal, Skrill, and ProPay included.

Skrill is one of these platforms, being accepted on Skype, eBay, and various other major online platforms. As an added bonus, Skrill even allows its customers to conduct payments via bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. ProPay is another option for sellers and works in roughly the same way as Skrill and PayPal. These platforms require sellers to make an account on their sites but do not require users to sign up for any additional services, nor do they collect fees on transactions.skrill ebay

In Conclusion

While PayPal might make sense for certain sellers, some listings are more conducive to options like in-person payment or electronic merchant accounts. PayPal might be the default option and even the most popular payment method on eBay, but it is certainly not the only method available to buyers and sellers. Sellers should consider looking into these four PayPal alternatives for their eBay stores to ensure that they get the most out of every transaction.


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