What are the eBay Top Rated Seller Requirements?

What are the eBay Top Rated Seller Requirements?

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What are eBay seller levels?

eBay ranks sellers based on performance each month. The seller level is assessed on the 20th of every month and reflects the quality of service provided by a seller and their sales history. You can find your current seller level as well as your projected seller level in your Seller Dashboard. There are three different seller levels assigned by eBay:

  • Top-Rated Seller: A seller provides the highest level of customer service and meets a minimum sales requirement.
  • Above Standard: A seller meets the minimum standards for sellers on eBay and offers good customer service.
  • Below Standard: A seller is not meeting one or more of the minimum requirements for sellers on eBay and the quality of customer service is lacking.

Why are eBay seller levels important?

eBay is very honest about the importance of seller levels and how they will impact your performance. They consider seller performance standards to be an important part of maintaining a positive buying and selling experience on eBay. If your seller rating falls below standard, your listings may not be ranked as highly in eBay search results.

Also, if your rating suffers tremendously, your seller account could be partially or completely restricted, limiting your sales activity. It is crucial to meet the standards set by eBay as a seller. Failure to do so could get you locked out of the platform.

Watch this short video on the importance of checking your eBay seller level:

Requirements for becoming a Top Seller

Top Rated Sellers on eBay have to deliver consistently when it comes to quality customer service. eBay does not give this designation out lightly, and there are several requirements you must meet in order to be ranked as a Top Rated Seller.

  • Have an active eBay account that has been open for at least 90 days
  • Have completed at least 100 transactions and $1,000 in sales in the last 12 months
  • Comply with all of eBay’s policies for selling on the platform
  • Not exceed the maximum percentage or number of unique buyers allowed for transaction defect rate (2% and 4 for All Sellers, 0.5% and 3 for Top Rated Sellers)
  • Not exceed the maximum percentage or number of unique transactions for cases closed without seller resolution (0.3% and 2 for All Sellers and Top Rated Sellers)
  • Not exceed the maximum percentage of transactions sent late (7% for All Sellers, 3% for Top Rated Sellers)transaction defect rate ebay

Transaction defect rate requirements from eBaycases closed without seller resolution ebay

Cases closed without seller resolution requirements from eBaylate shipment rate ebay

Late shipment rate requirements from eBay

How do you get upgraded to Top Seller?

If you comply with all of the performance standards from eBay and meet the minimum requirements for becoming a Top Rated Seller, you will automatically be upgraded. When your next evaluation comes up, your status will be changed to Top Rated Seller. You do not have to do anything else to be upgraded.

What is Top Rated Plus?

Once you reach the level of Top-Rated Seller, you can qualify for even more exclusive benefits. These benefits, known as Top Rated Plus, are available for sellers who are labeled as Top Rated Seller and offer the following features:

  • Same-day or one-business-day handling times
  • 30-day or longer free returns

What are the Top Rated Plus benefits?

If you meet the requirements for Top Rated Plus benefits, you will have the Top Rated Plus seal displayed in search results. This seal will help your listings stand out and be included in the description. Also, you will receive a 10% discount on your final value fees.Top Rated Plus benefits ebay

Items that qualify for Top Rated Plus receive a seal in the listing description in search results.

There are some product categories that can receive the discount benefit whether or not you offer 30-day free returns. For Jewelry & Watches as well as most Collectible & Art categories, you only have to offer 14-day free returns. These benefits do not apply for items listed in Real Estate or Specialty Services categories.top rated plus product categories

Categories that do not require you to accept returns in order to qualify for Top Rated Plus benefits

What is a PowerSeller?

If you are ready to take your eBay business to the next level, you can earn the status of PowerSeller. Sellers with the PowerSeller distinction are considered the most successful sellers on the platform. There are multiple levels within the PowerSeller distinction, including Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Titanium. These levels depend on how many items you’ve sold or the dollar amount of sales.

What are the requirements for becoming a PowerSeller?

To become a PowerSeller, you just have to meet the additional requirements from eBay. Once you have met the requirements, your seller level will be automatically updated. Requirements for PowerSeller include:

  • An active eBay account in good standing for at least 90 days
  • Compliance with all eBay policies
  • A positive feedback score of 98% or higher
  • A minimum of 100 transactions and $3,000 in sales in the past 12 months

How is performance calculated by eBay?

There are a few pieces of data that eBay takes into account to determine your performance and seller rating. The main indicators of performance are the transaction defect rates, cases closed without seller resolution, and late shipments.

  • Transaction defect rates are added to your account if you cancel a buyer’s purchase when you do not have the item in stock or you have chosen not to send the item. The defect may also be added if an item is not received by the seller or the buyer notes that the item is not as described.
  • Cases closed without seller resolution are added to your account when eBay or PayPal is asked to review a case and the seller is found responsible. This metric applies when your account exceeds the maximum number of cases allowed.
  • Late shipment rate is affected when you do not send an item within the handling time promised or if the item is delivered after the delivery date that was estimated.

If you are an eBay Top Rated Seller, your performance can also be impacted by the time it takes to upload tracking information. You have to upload tracking details within the handling time stated in the transaction. Also, the carrier has to scan the shipping label during your handling time.

Find more details on becoming a Top Rated Seller by watching this video:

What causes seller ratings to be Below Standard?

You should avoid falling into the Below Standard category of eBay sellers. Your seller rating will suffer if your transaction defect rate and your cases closed without seller resolution get too high. Limits are applied to your seller account when your transaction defect rate is higher than 2% or the percentage of cases closed without seller resolution is higher than 0.3%.

Tips for improving your seller ratings

At the heart of eBay seller ratings is customer service. eBay rewards sellers that provide quality customer service and maintain a high standard for customer satisfaction. After all, if customers have a great experience on the platform, they will keep coming back and spending more money.

Avoid items being marked as a defect

  • Keep your inventory updated and accurate. Notate when your stock levels change and end your listing when your quantity is depleted.
  • Use the out of stock feature with multi-quantity, Good ‘Til Cancelled listings. Your listings will be hidden automatically if the quantity drops to zero. This can help prevent items that are out of stock from being purchased.
  • Accurately describe all items. Include high-quality images and detailed specifics in your listing description.
  • Offer item tracking as much as possible.multiple high quality images ebay

An example of an eBay listing using multiple high-quality images 

Avoid cases being closed without seller resolution

  • Promptly respond to requests from buyers. This will prevent the need for eBay to step in and resolve an issue.
  • Be clear about your return policy and payment policy.clear returns and payment policies ebay

An example of an eBay listing with clear returns and payment policies

Practice good customer service

  • Always be polite and prompt when communicating with a buyer. Answer any and all questions using professional language.
  • Pack items securely so they arrive as described.
  • Note any faults with your item in the item description.
  • Set a reasonable handling time to give yourself enough time to package and ship an item properly.


Being listed as a Top Rated Seller or PowerSeller can work wonders for your eBay business. You can receive discounts on shipping, improved rankings in search results, and discounted final value fees with a Top Rated Seller level or Top Rated Plus benefits. Customers will also be more likely to trust you if you have a proven track record of successfully selling on eBay.


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