What is eBay Listing Analytics?

What is eBay Listing Analytics?

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What does eBay Listing Analytics do?

Listing Analytics was designed to provide the information sellers need to successfully run their eBay business. The tool offers a wide range of insights and metrics to empower eBay sellers to make decisions about their business. By using the app, you can determine which listings are performing best and get powerful statistics about your eBay store.

Watch this short video walkthrough for Listing Analytics:

What does Listing Analytics measure?

The app measures a significant amount of data and provides that data in charts, graphs, and other visual modes. Top insights from Listing Analytics include:

  • Rank: Where your listing appears in search results relevant to other listings.
  • Impressions: How many times your listing has been viewed in search results
  • Clicks: How many times your listing has been clicked on in search results
  • Click through: How many times buyers click on your listing divided by the number of impressions your listing received
  • Watchers: How many buyers are watching your listing
  • Sell through: How many of your items are sold divided by how many clicks your listing receives
  • Sold items: How many times buyers purchased from your listing
  • Sales: How much you have earned from items sold in a listing
  • Similar metrics for your competitors
  • Performance data for your listings over time
  • Your top-performing listings and your worst-performing listings

Information is updated regularly, but it does not include data from the past 24 to 48 hours. When you make a change to a listing, you have to wait a couple of days before you will notice any change in your analytics. However, ranking information is in real-time. 

How can you view Listing Analytics data?

Listing Analytics also allows you to sort data in a variety of ways. When data is organized in columns, you can select a header and sort data. For example, you can sort Sold Items from most to least or least to most. This is a great way to compare which listings are performing the best.

In addition to the metrics for your own listings, you can compare your items with the top 5 listings. You will see the average numbers from the top five auction-style and fixed price listings. You can then investigate those listings to see what is working. 

You can view the performance of your listings by searching for keywords. Type in your keywords and your listings will be shown how they appear in a standard Best Match search on eBay. You can also search by using an item number. This allows you to review an active listing or one that ended in the last 30 days.

How do you activate eBay Listing Analytics?

Setting up eBay Listing Analytics is fairly easy. You must have an eBay account and active listings to get started. Once that is in place, you can follow the steps below to activate Listing Analytics for the first time.

  1.     Go to your My eBay page and select the Applications tab
  2.     Go to Featured Apps and click “See All” in the upper right-hand corner
  3.     Use the search box to find “Listing Analytics”
  4.     The Listing Analytics app should appear, and you can select “Get it Free”
  5.     You must agree to the terms and conditions before confirming your subscription
  6.     Listing Analytics will be available in My eBay on the Applications tab

How much does Listing Analytics cost?

Listing Analytics is absolutely free. Every eBay seller can subscribe to the app for free and use it to analyze their listings. You do not have to pay any fee to activate the app, and you do not have to have an eBay store to utilize it.

How to use your data

It is not enough to simply collect data on your eBay listings. Smart eBay sellers will put that data to use to improve their listings, ultimately improving their rankings, clicks, and sales. Identify the areas of weakness for your listings and focus on one thing at a time when making improvements. 

By testing one thing at a time, you can better determine what makes an impact on your metrics. For example, if you change your title and price at the same time, you will not know which had a bigger impact. Also, remember to wait a few days before measuring your listing’s performance because some metrics take longer to update than others.

Tips to improve your click-through rate

If your impressions are high but your clicks are low, your click-through rate will also be low. This can be extremely frustrating because your listings are being seen, but buyers are not taking action. Follow these tips to try to improve your click-through rate. 

Check your prices. Are your prices competitive with the top listings? If your listing is significantly higher than the top-performing listings, your price may be the reason buyers do not click on your listing.ebay click through rate

 Listing prices are clearly displayed in search results, making it a driving factor for clicks.

Make your shipping costs clear. Ambiguous shipping costs can keep buyers from clicking on your listing. If better performing listings are clear about their shipping costs, consider making yours clear as well. For larger items, people may be willing to pay for shipping, but they want to know the costs upfront.ebay shipping costs

Shipping costs are displayed in search results. Not only must your shipping cost be clear, they must be competitive as well.

Offer free shipping. The top-performing listings are likely offering free shipping, and you must as well in order to be competitive. Offering free shipping is typically the best policy anyway because consumers are more likely to select a listing that has free shipping over one that does not.ebay free shipping

Listings are notated with “Free Shipping” in search results. 

Improve your photos. High-quality images are more likely to get attention in search results. If buyers cannot get a clear idea of your item from the featured photo that appears in search results, they will not click on your listing.improve photos ebay

The featured photo for your listing should clearly display the item you are selling, like the photos in this example.

Optimize your title. Your title should be descriptive and feature keywords that buyers are searching for. Take cues from top-performing listings and adjust your titles accordingly.ebay optimize title

Describe titles perform better in eBay searches.

Describe the condition. Clearly notate whether your item is new or pre-owned. The image you use for your listing can also help depict the quality and condition of your item.ebay description and condition

The condition of your item is displayed in the search results.

Tips to improve your sell-through rate

If you are getting a good number of impressions and clicks but not making many sales, you will need to improve your sell-through rate. In order to increase your conversions, you can follow the tips below.

Keep your customer satisfaction rate high. A buyer may be interested in your listing but pass because your customer satisfaction rate is lower than other sellers.

Make your terms clear. All of the information about your item should be clear for your listing. Your returns policy, shipping times, and item quality should all be clearly described.ebay terms

Seller information and terms for the listing are included in the listing information.

Additional eBay analytics tools

While Listing Analytics provides a considerable amount of data, some sellers may want to boost their analytics abilities even more. There are some highly-rated analytics tools for eBay sellers available for a fee.

Terapeak: If you have an active Basic, Premium, Anchor, or Enterprise eBay Store, you get free access to Terapeak. If you do not have an eBay store or you use the Starter Store, you can subscribe to Terapeak for a monthly or yearly fee. Utilizing Terapeak can help you decide which items to sell and chart supply and demand over time. You will get access to global sales data and price trends for millions of items.terapeak

Rival Ripper: With Rival Ripper, you can bulk edit your listings, pull prices from competitors, track your orders, and organize your photos. For busy sellers moving a high volume of listings, the analytics provided in this tool can be very valuable.rival ripper


Tracking your eBay listings is key to being successful as a seller. By measuring your ranking, click-through rating, sell-through rating, and sales, you can determine where your weak points are and improve your listings accordingly. eBay Listing Analytics provides powerful data on your listings and helps you compare your listings to the top performers. Best of all, it is free for all eBay sellers, so there is really no reason not to use this awesome tool.

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